This post is meant to be an introduction to this blog space.
This blog is also meant to be an extension of my handcrafted jewelry website. I’ve been tossing around this idea of a blog for a long time. The decision to move forward came yesterday as I was out running errands. I stopped to check Instagram, and had received a message request via DM. A person with the SAME name (completely different product) was inquiring about purchasing my domain. I immediately typed a reply that I wasn’t interested in selling and that my customer base was 10 years in the making. The inquiring person stated that they “owned” the name on a bunch of apps.

A simple search on this person’s end would have shown that this biz name was already in existence. Ownership of a name on apps, means very little in my eyes. What happens if the app goes away?

*Insert deep sigh*

Why am I sharing this story? Well, because this incident made me think about my process to coming up with GEM DESIGNS BOUTIQUE.


It’s 2010, I’m making simple jewelry pieces and giving them to my family. My aunt decided to take some of the jewelry to her job to sell. The little plastic container filled with my basic designs came back empty.
It was at that point, I realized I needed a name.

I’m a Gemini, who designs.
I’m a Gemini who designs with gems.


It rolled off of my tongue, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. There it was and here it is.

Sometimes I need these reminders. GDB is my creative baby, and sure it’s a business and I treat it as such- But I have grown so much as person in this process of building. GDB is nowhere near where I visualize I can take this as a brand. (Visualization may be another blog post)

So here we are, an intro.
Blog started.
1st post created.

Until Next time.


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